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City of Cement
May 14th, 2016 10:01 AM

 Ruins of the old rock crusher

In 1902 a new town called Cement was constructed between the area of our district and Fairfield.  By 1907, the Pacific Portland plant was producing 6,000 barrels of cement a day and was one of the largest cement plants in the western United States.  Much of the cement was shipped through Suisun’s embarcadero.  Suisun Slough was deepened in the 1900’s to accommodate shipments from the plant.

Adjacent to its factory, Pacific Portland erected a town for the 500 people regularly employed at the plant.  The town, known as Cement, contained 50 cottages for married employees, dormitories for single workers, a large hotel, a company store, a hospital, a school called Cement School, and a recreation hall

 Cement School House 1912    

In the early years of the 20th century, the importance of the plant was reflected by the popular Cement Ball, one of the most important social functions in our area, which was held at Cement Hill.  People came from as far away as San Francisco.  For $5, a couple could have a multi-course dinner with dancing to a full orchestra.


   Ball Participants                  Tickets in the shape of cement bags   

 Cement Hotel


One of the Streets in the City of Cement

Special thanks to Joe Neitzel for providing so much wonderful information to us about Cement City.  Joe is President of the Solano History Exploration Center located at 718 Main Street, Suite 100-4 in Suisun.  His email is

For LOTS more information of the history of our area THIS is a MUST VISIT Web Site.


 Cement School House

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