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July 17th, 2010 9:53 AM

WHAT ABOUT A PERFECT BIRTHDAY? It's so special when you get everything you want for your birthday! For my birthday this year, we went with 8 great friends to play golf in Pacifica at Sharp Park Golf Course. The picture is the view from the 16th tee, just one of the many beautiful views this course has to offer .. beautiful old cyprus trees, protected marsh wetlands, and, with a little effort, the ocean. The course is long and very walkable, not hilly at all. Greens were a little slow but very puttable. And I played really good .. my putter and chipper were awesome.

Kitty's Long Drive

After golf, we all went for cocktails and dinner at Nick's At Rockaway Beach. This is Larry's and my favorite spot in the Bay Area. Nick's is right on the beach and the Pacific Ocean is right there. So we had dinner with a view! The food was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed their meals from deep fried prawns, clam chowder, shrimp salads, grilled crab salad sandwiches, fish tacos, pasta, shrimp louie. 

The weather at the beach could not have been better. It was gorgeous! I always have to put my feet in the water .. gotta do it! We spent a lot of time playing in the surf. At first the water seems really cold but you get used to it quickly enough. What was fun was, as the surf goes back out, it pulls the sand out from under your feet. If you just stand there, eventually your feet get bured in sand up to the ankles.

So, I got everything I wanted for my birthday. I got to play golf at one of my favorite golf courses, eat deep fried prawns at Nick's and put my feet into my ocean.  All of this with the love of my life and my great friends. Thanks so much to all of you for such a fabulous day. Thank you Larry, Margie, Mike, Ilene, Gene, Elle, Lyle, Marge and Frank!

Shapilla The PlumperP.S. On a lighter side. Thanks ya all for the cute gift. This is Shapilla The Plumper. She stuck close to me all day, through the golf, dinner, the beach and now home with us. We would like to apologize for her behavior on the golf course, she has a tendency to drink in excess and talk like a tramp but now she's family, so, what can we say  ... lol

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