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January 3rd, 2015 1:50 PM

Bodega Bay Day Trip

What a great one day trip from home!  This gorgeous spot, on the water, is located in Northern California on the coast. Besides spectacular scenery, there are plenty of very good restaurants, camping, accommodations, fishing including sport fishing for salmon, rock fish, crab, kayaking, hiking and biking trails. We live in Vacaville in Solano County and it only took us 1.5 hours to get to Bodega Bay.  We took Highway 12 to Highway 29, through Petaluma into Bodega Bay.  The Visitor's Center is at 1275 Hwy 1. The center was closed for the holiday but they leave every map and brochure you could want in little racks outside the front door.  From the Visitors's Center we drove down the road to Eiekmann's Bay Store, just 1/2 mile north of the Visitors Center on the other side of the road.  They even sell fishing poles (and tackle) in case you are so inclined, small pole for $20 and larger for $50.                  


We love Clam Chowder so since we had checked to see who won 2014 Best Clam Chowder award and it was Spud Point Crab Company at 1860 Westshore Road (on the far side of the bay) almost to Bodega Head, about a 10 minute trip.  We purchased some clam chowder and crab sandwiches at Spud Point Crab Company and continued on to Campbell's Cove at the fork in the road to Bodega Head. 

Campbell's Cove had very nice picnic table where we had our lunch overlooking the cove and the bay.  It's just a very short easy walk down to the cove, beach with a little fresh water stream flowing across.  Very picturesque spot!

Up to Bodega Head!  The road goes all the way up and ends in a huge parking lot where you walk a very short little walk in a choice of 3 directions overlooking south coastline, straight out to sea or north on the Northern California coastline and The Spot for Whale Watching!  No whales that day but since the weather was only about 65 degrees with blue skies, no wind or even hardly a breeze, we didn't really need to see whales, just enjoy the views and great weather in December! 

We next stopped and toured Doran Park, right on the bay with really nice camp spots.  Pull your trailer or motor home in, park, they have big fire pits and, if you get a camp spot on the outer edge on the water, we assume you can throw your fishing line right in from camp and catch dinner. Fishing license is probably required. The camp ground was very nice, clean and well monitored by the Park Rangers. 

 On our way out we stopped and took pictures of two of our favorite holes on Bodega Bay Golf Course which is right off to the side of the road.  This is one of our favorite golf courses and we come up often to play golf, but not today, we were on an exploring quest.

Time to head for home but not before we stopped at The Tides to pick up some Clam Chowder and fresh Crab meat to take home.  We were pleasantly surprised at how good the chowder was, for dinner that night. It was very good, lots of clams and great flavor.  I wonder who will win the Chowder competition this year .. serious competition. 

Our plans for our next trip to Bodega is with our trailer and stay a couple of days .. golf, fish, take more pictures and Larry will fly his drone with the GoPro camera for video and still pics.

Below we have included information about Accommodations, Restaurants, Hiking and Biking Trails.  Hope the information is helpful.

Larry and Kitty Powers

Bodega Bay Area Accommodations 2014.pdf

Bodega Bay Area Restaurants.pdf

Bodega Bay Parks Hikes and Bike Trails.pdf

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