Watching TV in your RV



  1975 25 foot Nomad Travel Trailer

40 years ago when Kitty and I first got together we decided to run away to the mountains, a dream we both shared, we bought 10 acres of land to build our dream home. We got a 25 foot travel trailer moved it onto our little piece of paradise to start the building process. Everything was moving along smoothly but the evenings entertainment was limited to cards, scrabble or reading, we missed our TV shows!! now back then there was no solar,  we were 12 volt battery (needed to be charged daily) or portable generator. So we went out and bought a 10 inch black and white 12 volt (DC) TV with a telescoping antenna and got maybe 7 or 8 snowy fuzzy channels. It helped pass the time!!

Today we own a 31 foot class C motorhome and how times have changed Solar Power, Satellite Dish, DVR and streaming video. Back then our choices we're limited, today we have so many choices where do we start? Service providers, satellite dishes, dvrs, roof mount or portable? 

Here is what we learned and how we set up our TV watching system.

                                                                          THE SERVICE 
 We decided to go with Dish Network for a few reasons. One (Pay as you go) only pay for the time that you are using the service, No long term contract, price,   If you have dish network at home to add your RV is only $7.00 month. if you don't have it at home then service packages start around $35.00 monthly for 50 channels and you can add on from there. 

                                                                         THE EQUIPMENT
1. Digital over the air antenna
The technology for getting over-the-air free TV has come a long way since the era of our 10 inch tv with rabbit ears.  A  new generation of cord-cutters is prompting demand for easy-to-use digital antennas that let you watch free TV broadcasts of national networks — in high-definition, without a pricey satellite or cable TV subscription. Better yet, they don’t need to be mounted outside or on a roof to work.


2. Satellite Dish
There are several options